American Singer, Rihanna Unfollows Cardi B On Instagram After Fight With Nicki Minaj

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Singer, Rihanna has unfollowed popular rapper, on Instagram after fight with her fellow rapper .

The two female emcees have been beefing hard ever since they got physical at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS bash a week ago.

It has caused a lot of fellow stars that are friends with both of them to be put in an uncomfortable position where they would have to pick who to support.

But while many of them would rather remain neutral and not get involved at all, a select few have made their allegiances clear.

So the big question is, has Rihanna just taken Nicki Minaj side in the fued?


Judging by her social media snub, some fans think so! After all, why else would she suddenly unfollow Cardi?

Either way, Rihanna somehow found the time in her busy schedule to press that unfollow button.

See evidence below;


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