Beverly Osu Slams Critics Who Called Her Out For Smoking Cigarette As A Nun On Magazine Cover

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Veteran Actress, Beverly Osu was recently featured on Taylor live magazine cover in a racy nun habit with controversial poses have gotten what she never bargained for from some fans.

She have defended herself after some fans critized a magazine photo of her smoking a cigarette in a nun outfit.

See what she wrote in her defense:


See the photos and reactions below;

@trending_medic: “Then when I went against popular opinion and criticized that video, shey y’all said I was a religious bigot and he was trying to pass a message?. OK I agree, is also trying to pass a message dressed up as a Catholic nun. Checkmate”

@Thic_didi: “I see nothing wrong with that Beverly Osu’s shoot..
I love it even, Portrays how highly hypocritical religious people are.
Don’t get why people are in their feelings over it.
You can insult her all you want tho.
Won’t change how true her message is. Smh”

@solange_blaze: “It’s people like this Beverly Osu that makes other religion followers think Christianity is a joke. Would she have tried it with Hijab…Hell fucking no!!!”

@Nick_k1aus: “Beverly Osu is the definition of what is wrong with society.. Her portrait does not define “woke” it only portrays her Hoeism..

And using the rosary in that concept is frankly disturbing.. A really stupid human being..

Am ready.. Come at me..”

@Tutsy22: “Beverly Osu should have respected that rosary in her hand.

This is Despicable!!!”

@theDamorela: “Although people have abused sacred materials a lot including Rosaries.
But what Beverly Osu did in this shoot is outrageously disgusting.
Smoking in a seductive nun attire wit Rosary at hand?
Rosary is meant 4 prayers, Christian wont come after u tho but leave u to ur conscience”


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