Lovely Video Of Davido Relaxing In Bed With His Girlfriend, Chioma

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Singer, who have been building his love life all around his girlfriend has taken to his instagram yet again to show how much he loves her.

After the outcome was declared inconclusive yesterday, the musician decided to unwind with his bae Chioma.

Both of them who have been writing controversial tweets back to back have been seen relaxing and laughing off the stress of the past day.

To show his fan how much he is enjoying his much needed break, Davido shared a video of himself and Chioma in the bedroom of what looked like a luxurious place. They were both laughing and throwing off love darts with their cosy postures.


While the Nwa Baby crooner was lying down without any cloth covering his chest, Chioma was sitting up on the bed and tending to herself while wearing what seemed to be a white nightwear.

Watch the video below;


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