Nicki Minaj Slams Cardi B: “She develops Her Profession Off Sympathy & Payola”

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’s “Queen Radio” is presently live and all the drama we were anticipating to take place is emerging. Between plays of “Barbie Dreams” and “Good Form,” she’s been speaking to Funk Flex about her response to the battle at a NYFW occasion. While we wait to learn who will be Nicki’s “Cocksucka of the day” today, the star has actually been talking about precisely what took place when a shoe was tossed at her. Discussing how essential the occasion was to her, Nick stated she was “mortified” at how individuals were responding to their scuffle. She didn’t stop there however as she declared that Cardi’s profession has actually been developed off “compassion and payola.” Yikes.

Nicki Minaj Slams Cardi B: "She develops Her Profession Off Sympathy & Payola"

If that’s insufficient drama for the day, the Queen rap artist spilled some more tea by calling somebody who was associated with a beef with Cardi pre-Love & Hip Hop. Nicki had the lady on speaker phone to address Cardi even further for all her fans to hear. The female declares that she composed something about her dead infant on her social networks bio and after a battle with Cardi, she had actually called her departed kid “a monkey” and implicated the female of being an addict. Considering this beef is concentrating on Nicki’s supposed remarks about child Kulture (which she rejects ever stating,) this is bad news for Cardi if real.


Nicki minaj battles Cardi B

Nicki likewise declared that her competing describes black females as “monkeys and roaches” in case you required anymore proof that we’re experiencing a full-blown battle. This is getting heated, folks. Pay attention to the remainder of the episode here.


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